Merry Christmas Kathryn Raindrop Brown
Biographical Information
Nickname(s) Rain, Rainy
Gender Female
Birth Date November 23, 2002
Family Role Daughter of Ami and Billy
Show Information
First Appearance S01 e01
Last Appearance -

Merry Christmas Kathryn Raindrop Brown, also known as 'Rain' or 'Rainy' is the youngest of the Brown clan and referred to as a 'Bush Barbie' due to her knowing the most on the latest fashion trends. In her spare time, this fashionista likes to listen to music and play with her dolls, along with her sister, Snowbird. She also has a passion for playing her ukulele, which she picked up from her father, Billy. Rain is home-schooled by their mother Ami and, before she could even talk, she had every family member wrapped around her little finger, but rather than becoming spoiled, she is generous and kind with her siblings. Rain's favorite color is pink, and she likes to keep her hair and clothes perfect. She loves to read, especially Nancy Drew mysteries, and enjoys scary movies.